DesignEDly is a space where young people take problems in their hands and find ways to solve them with their ideas and passions. 
Working between schools and outside organizations, we facilitate team co-creation opportunities, technological access and instruction, professional mentorship, and collaboration with actors supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.
"Love The Problem" Course In 2018 DesignEDly is launching a 6-month "Love The Problem" course for schools and their students which includes skills-oriented hands-on workshops, team facilitation and milestone events.
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  • KICK-OFF. 14 August
    Have an idea? Find a team to join you or join one yourself! 
Where? Aalto Design Factory, Betonimiehenkuja 5C, 02150 Espoo 
When? August 14th, 2018 at 16:00
  • PROTOTYPING. 3 September
    Learn how to build a prototype through great workshops: • Ideation • Electronics (Arduino) • Cloud Services • Mobile Applications • Web Design • 3D Modelling and Printing • Virtual Reality
  • HACKATHON. 14-16 September
    Work intensively on your prototype for a whole weekend! Sharpen your ideas through expert feedback. 
No kidding, hackathons really are the time to get crazily creative and have lots of fun, great food & prizes!
  • LAUNCH. November - December
    Visit business incubators & startup hubs to access the ecosystem of innovation. Exchange ideas with entrepreneurs and inspiring professionals. Practice networking and communication through hands-on workshops.
  • PARTY. 28 January
    Showcase. Reflect. Celebrate! Let your hair down, forget about intensive work and just go with the flow...we will be looking back at what we've done together, play some games and have fun together!
    Choose how to move forward! Forwarding your ideas is one way to go. Once a part of our tribe, you become a part of the innovation community, where your ideas and creativity are valued. Network with like-minded people and have no fear to go after your craziest dreams.
Course schedule 2018-2019
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Partnerships Course content As a global society we have big problems to tackle. The difficult process of change starts with people - their attitudes, courage, knowledge, and tools to face that change and implement new solutions. 
Co-creation is a way to find peaceful common ground and move forward toward building shared agendas. We are a team brought together by a desire to change the world through education. We have all benefited from Helsinki's subculture of innovative change makers and are working to extend this vibrant community to include even younger students in Finland and around the globe. Our own schooling lacked a connection to real life outcomes, lacked freedom and creativity and this is still the reality for most students around the world. We aim to challenge companies and schools to do things differently.


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